Your Perfect Bathing Suit Exists! Head Online For Plus-Sized Swimwear

Summertime is fast approaching and that means many women will be thinking about what they are going to wear. Many of those women will head foolishly to their local mall or department store, only to sift through the same tired one-pieces as last year. When they find a bathing suit they love, they’ll be devastated to discover that their size is out of stock. While the cutest bathing suits are available for women sized 2 to 4, plus-sized women are expected to disguise their bodies in frumpy swimwear that looks outdated and needlessly conservative. Designers want them to cover up their figures instead of showing off their beautiful, natural curves.

In 2015, the lack of trendy, flattering swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes is downright disappointing. Luckily, there is a new resource that many women have not taken advantage of. Lots of designers have clued into the fact that lots of ladies crave sexy, comfortable bathing suits. Online retailers specialize in attractive swimsuits for women of all sizes and it is worth your time and money to fully investigate this option.

If you’ve never purchased a bathing suit online before, it can feel a little daunting but I can tell you that it’s easier than you think. Start by examining your figure so you know what features you want to play up and which ones you want to disguise. For instance, women with wider hips may want to try high-cut bottoms in a dark color (paired with a bright top and wedges, this style will make anyone’s legs looks miles long.) Showing a little bit more of your thigh will create a visual effect of slimmer hips. Another great look to try is the high-waisted bikini, which plays up a tiny waist and curvaceous shape. This style emulates the classic pinups of the 1950s and is devastatingly sexy on any figure.

If you are new to the world of two-pieces, there are styles that will give you the coverage and support you need while still being sexy. Consider the skirtini, one of the many styles available at online swimsuit retailers. At swimsuitsforall, for example, each skirtini has a built-in skirted bottom and can be mixed and matched with whatever top you like. This style in particular has a visually slimming effect but also flatters your curves. Also don’t be afraid of color and patterns, which you can use to your advantage. Color blocking, which was a big trend last year, helps to accentuate your body thanks to its eye catching design. A smaller print helps to define your figure, while a larger print will fill it out. Ruffles and ruching are also great for highlighting or slimming down your bust, hips or waist. A big trend this summer is quirky graphic prints. The idea of a high-waisted bikini in a watermelon print does sound pretty adorable, doesn’t it?

When you shop for plus sized swimwear at a department store, you’ll be forced to buy whatever meager options you’re presented with. But when you
shop online for swimsuits at swimsuitsforall, you can choose from limitless options and compare prices quickly and easily. This summer, please don’t settle for a swimsuit that makes you hate your body. Instead, take your time to find the perfect swimsuit that you know you’ll love.

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