Watch Trends in 2013

A watch isn’t just for telling time. It’s an important and essential accessory that will support the rest of your wardrobe, and it will never go out of style. You need to select your watch incredibly carefully; the best watches are an investment, but when you take into account how much effort and meticulous detail goes into creating each one, it’s well worth it. However, the price of a good watch means you will likely only have one – one watch that needs to go with every outfit in your wardrobe. That makes deciding on a style very difficult!

But don’t worry, if you’re clued up on fashion, style and practicality, choosing the right watch should be a piece of cake.

The first thing you need to think about is what shape and size of watch will suit you. If you are quite petite, getting a chunky watch with a large face may dominate your arm and look a bit silly; you might be better off with a simple watch with minimal decoration. The trends this season however are pointing towards decorative watches, so petite people might like to choose something simple but colourful, perhaps in a pastel shade. You also need to think about your personal style; if you’re the type of person who wears a lot of girly dresses, don’t buy a super-modern metal watch, as it just won’t match any of your outfits. A good option for a watch which is both feminine and elegant is one which has a leather strap, as these look more natural and casual, but they will still be smart enough for the office.

Bright colours are really in this summer; they’re the perfect way of adding a bit of fun to your outfits, whether you choose to work azure, sky blue, or blush, rosy pink. Choose your watch in one of these colours and you’ll be able to wear it with all the summer fashion trends, including grunge 90s fashion, neons and punk.

For a long time watch trends never changed, we only ever went for the classics; gold and silver, dark leather straps with an imposing look about them; then things changed, and it was the dawn of the sports watch; a trend some of us wish never happened. Many of us spent a lot of time with colourful jelly watches in the 90s, with black and grey digital displays – now the 90s are back, and we were worried that type of watch would re-emerge! Luckily it looks like the fashion set have made the 90s a bit classier for this generation; we’ve still got the bright colours, and the cute wrist wear, but we’ve teamed it with the more vintage-style round watch face with plenty of elegant dials and cogs.

It looks like the future is looking towards vintage styles, inspired by retro Rolexes and designer aesthetics. However, we’re hoping it will all still have a touch of colour, so we can show off a little personality!

So finally, when you’re deciding what watch to buy this 2013, make sure you get a bright style with classic design, and don’t opt for cheap high-street imitations either, because the quality just doesn’t compare! Have a look at for an excellent range of bang on trend mens designer watches

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