Useful Advice And Tips When Buying A Watch

Most people today buy watches from the internet. This makes everything really simple but the process is difficult because there are countless watches available online and you cannot actually see them before they reach your home. Sometimes you run across great websites like Cat Watches Online Store but in others you might be faced with something really bad. In order to buy the best possible watch, here are some tips you do want to remember.

Basics To Remember When Buying Watches

You need to know how the watches are classified. Generally, they are put into 2 categories: mechanical watches and quartz watches. The mechanical watches are also broken down into manual wind watches and automatic watches, which automatically wind. The mechanical watches include all that have mechanical components. A mechanical watch does not need a battery. The quartz watch needs a battery and includes a quartz crystal used during the movement.

Both mechanical and quartz watches have advantages and disadvantages. The quartz watches are better in accuracy and cost less than the mechanical watches. The problem is the battery has to be changed, which does incur inconvenience and additional costs. A mechanical watch is not as accurate. It is heavier and tends to cost more than the quartz watch. Mechanical watches though are considered to be art pieces. Watchmakers use them as canvases to showcase skills and creativity. Even the simplest of the mechanical watches you would buy has over one hundreds parts in them.

What Should You Look For?

After you figure out if you want a mechanical or quartz watch, you need to think about what materials to choose. Factors to take into account as you make your choice include:

  • Case MaterialsTitanium and stainless steel stand out as the most popular materials used in watches. They are really good because of durability. Titanium will be lighter but it will be stronger. The only problem is that the cost is higher and stainless steel looks better.

  • Crystal Materials – Mineral and sapphire crystals are highly recommended by the watchmakers. The hardness of sapphire is higher and scratch resistance is also higher. Costs will also be higher. The materials you absolutely need to avoid are acrylic and glass.

  • Watch Band Materials – There are so many watch band materials that are now available, ranging from eel skin to stainless steel. The material that works best is the one that is determined by taste and intended use. For instance, an active person that often gets the watch wet has to consider metal bracelets or rubber straps. These are much easier to maintain and clean. Leather straps should not be submerged in water as this deteriorates band quality.

Final Thoughts

Always be sure that you read descriptions before you buy the watch. In most cases the problem is that you choose a watch that is too small or too large. Call the vendor in order to ask for extra help. Any vendor will be more than happy to aid you during the sales process.

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