Three Must Have Options For Any Successful Canadian Beauty Salon

If you own or work for a beauty salon, chances are at some point during your career you have thought about ways to bring in in more clientele. Every salon has that lull in business they would like to fill with new clients, whether it is seasonal or during “low” times of the day. Even if you already own a booming business, trends change, neighbourhoods gentrify, and lease rates raise – you may find yourself needing to up prices or drum up new business one day, even if that day isn’t today. For these reasons and more, it is important to always be one step ahead of local trends and learn new techniques as needed.

These days, beauty trends seem to centre on the eyes, with long and luxurious eyelashes and full brows accenting the eyes of any model. In order to achieve these voluptuous looks, there are various techniques women and men use such as eyebrow pencils or gluing false eyelashes on; however, eyebrow makeup has its limitations, often running or disappearing when wet, while glued or stick-on eyelashes have a tendency to fall off or falter when you need them most. In Canada beauty salons are offering other, more successful, options that are giving their clients these user friendly looks while increasing their business including: lash lifts, individual lash extensions, and eyebrow HDi embroidery (otherwise known as microblading).

For a model like Cara DeLevigne who is paid top dollar for her 
big browed look she is fortunate to have it naturally, as many individuals have thin or non-existent brows. Anyone looking to simply cover up a bald spot in their brows or make their brows more full looking or even can use microblading as well. A school like LashForever in Canada offers excellent training courses and a great way to introduce this new treatment to your clientele. There, you or your beauticians will be trained to use a small microblade to mimic the look of small hairs in the eyebrows with very tiny cuts to the skin, which are then tinted with an appropriate colour. The microblading process allows the esthetician to give the client a very natural look that will last up to 3 years, and then can be touched up.

The art of lash extensions and lash lifts are also popular options that require special training as well. Lash lifts are similar to a “perm” for hair and gives the look of a fresh natural woken up eye. There are no false eyelashes, it simply takes your natural lashes and curls them up. This process usually lasts three to six months. For people with really straight or unruly eyelashes this process is exceptionally popular.

For those customers that require longer eyelashes, extensions are the go to pick. The beautician can learn to perform this process through with silk or mink lash extensions that are glued directly to the client’s own lashes individually. This process takes time and excellent training by the beautician. Clientele will also need to return for fill-ins once they have lost a significant number of lashes, which is great for business.

Each of these techniques will help bring in customers to a salon. Obtaining certification from a training facility that follows the health rules and regulations of the agencies like the FDA and Health Canada is imperative to the care of your clients and to make them feel comfortable in your salon.

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