The Ultimate Guide to Selling Clothing & Accessories on Ebay

Ebay is one of the most popular auction and reseller platforms for today’s modern fashionista. Not only is the website a place to go for bargains and vintage items but it’s also a place to find one-off items and sold out lines that can’t be found on the high street anymore. Selling clothing on Ebay is a great way to make a bit of extra money or start a whole new business – and here are the ultimate tips for successful selling.

  • Do Competitor Research

Just like fashion retailers do competitor research, you have to do the same if you want to make sure your items are bid on. Retail brands usually do “comp shopping” which is generally shopping around to see what other brands are doing. Successful Ebayers should do the equivalent and browse online whenever there’s time.

  • Choose the Right Time to End Your Auction

If your auction ends at 1am on a Tuesday night, it’s likely that your top bidders will be asleep – and probably won’t be waiting up for you. End auctions on Sunday evening when most people have time to relax and check their laptops / tablets / phones.

  • Use a Good Camera / Lighting

You don’t need an SLR to take clear photos. Most digital cameras are good enough but you need to make sure you have sufficient lighting (natural daytime lighting is the best) and a clear background so your product doesn’t get lost amongst other things. Use the maximum picture allowance for each item; your buyers will always want to see more.

  • Offer Discounts

Some Ebay sellers offer reduced P&P on multiple purchases and this can encourage shoppers to buy another item from you. Alternatively, you can offer discount codes (to be included in the parcel) to get return business.

  • Offer Worldwide Delivery

Don’t miss out on bidders from outside of the UK. Couriers such as TNT can service any location in the world including the US and Europe. Whether you’re delivering to Scotland or Spain, make sure provide the same level of customer service and remember to include clear delivery information on your Ebay page.

  • Personalise Your Delivery Note

Don’t let your delivery note go to waste. Write a personal message, add your Twitter handle, offer a discount code, staple your business card; do something to get noticed and you may have return business. This is a great way of encouraging customer retention.

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