The Top CA Place for R&R

Trying to find a little bit of rest and relaxation in California is like trying to find hay in a haystack. California offers a plethora of locations for you to find a little bit of tranquility. Since you already graduated from your online traffic school, you might be wondering how you want to relax on the golden coast.

Whether you’re lying on the beach, wondering about the truth about deaf driving, island hopping off the coast, or hiking through the mountains, you’ll find the perfect way to decompress your stress. Below is a list of the top California locations for rest and relaxation.

Montana de Oro State Park “Mountain of Gold”

Montana de Oro State Park is known for its secluded recreational area south of Los Oros in California. The isn’t derived from the golden traditional history of California, but the wildflower that blooms in the park. You can hike through breathtaking trails and breath fresh ocean air while visiting this destination.

The park has a diverse spectrum of California geography ranging from sandy beaches to canyon streams. If you want to gaze at a wide breadth of the state’s natural beauty, then the “Mountain of Gold” is the place for you.

Pismo State Beach (Monarch Butterfly Grove)

Soak in the sun while laying out on the sand of the Pismo State Beach. If the heat doesn’t relax you, then the refreshing waters will. Pismo State Beach allows you to bring your ATV for camping and day destination rest stops. But, if you’re not interested in beaches, this park also has a well-known Monarch Butterfly Grove.

Every year, thousands of Monarch Butterflies flock to Pismo State Beach for the Eucalyptus trees. If they think it’s a good idea, then, chances are, you’ll find some solace in this state park.

Cayucos Beach Town

Cayucos is a resort town located near San Luis Obispo. They have the self-acclaimed title of “last of the California beach towns” for their ideal beaches and surfing culture. This resort town has over 5 state beaches in its small town district – that’s 5 excuses for you to find some sort of relaxation while visiting the town.

Whether you’re looking for your own getaway or something to take your whole family to, then Cayucos is the perfect destination. You’ll find all the charm you get from a small town with the heart of a surf city.

Cambria and Hearst Castle

If you relax while gazing into the artistic prowess of architecture and engineering, then consider visiting Cambria, California to marvel at the creation of Hearst Castle. This estate has a rich and lively history and is recognized as a state landmark. Not only will the castle itself impress anyone who visits, but the gardens surrounding the estate will leave you relaxed and inspired.

This property also has a fantastic view. Hearst Castle overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the beaches surrounding the area. So, when you’re finished marveling at the castle, you can explore the rest of Cambria.

Santa Cruz Islands

Santa Cruz Islands are a cluster of islands off the coast of California. Well, they’re roughly 250 miles off the coast of California. But, this group of oceanic land will be enough to help you forget about your landlubber troubles. There’s also plenty of geographic locations that will capture your interest.

You can go deep water scuba diving in the Channel Islands. The area is home to exotic fish and plant life species. When you’re done, you can visit the Painted Cave for the colorful walls and quarter mile kayak tours. Finally, you can visit Scorpion Ranch, which, contrary to the name, doesn’t farm scorpions. Instead, it’s the remnants of an old sheep ranch which was used by early settlers.

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