The Latest Engagement Ring Trends to Take a Look at

ringEngagement rings are the one piece of jewellery that women often wait excitedly for and the men fretfully wait to make the purchase! It is one of those pieces that you spend a reasonable amount of time, money and effort in selecting, both for yourself and for your significant other; since it is that one piece you hope to wear for the rest of your lives. Engagement ring styles have remained pretty classic and timeless over the years; from single stone solitaire bands to diamond eternity rings, the styles have been chic yet pretty predictable.

This year there has been an emergence of old trends but tweaked into modern contemporary designs, that have a resemblance to old world glamour with dollops of contemporary charm. From a riot of juicy colours to minor modifications, these rings dazzle even the most seasoned diamond connoisseur.

Let us take a look at the few styles that have been trending big time in recent times –

Rose gold – The golden glamour of yellow gold and the sophisticated appeal of white gold and platinum now share the spotlight with a beautiful colour,  that is soft rose gold. Rose gold is once again topping the popularity charts thanks to its gorgeous and soft hue that is extremely romantic and feminine. It pairs beautifully with diamonds whether they are strewn across the band or set atop in a fiery design. Rose gold engagement rings are ideal for a feminine and romantic bride to be who loves the stunning hint of subdued colour this type of gold provides. Rose gold also looks supremely flattering on all skin tones and all age groups, making it the perfect metal for an ever lasting engagement ring or wedding band.

Coloured gems – Although white colourless diamonds remain the favourite when it comes to precious jewellery, coloured gem stones in engagement rings are making a big, big statement on the popularity charts. From large juicy jewels set atop platinum and encircled by small diamonds to diamond eternity rings with a coloured stone on top, the recent trends indicate a new surge of vibrant, eye catching pops of colour that are beautiful to say the least. From sunny yellows to luscious red rubies, elegant emeralds and sophisticated sapphires, coloured stones in their precious and semi precious forms are the new way to make a statement with your engagement and wedding jewellery. You even find rings made with a coloured band instead of a central stone like eternity bands made with gems of all shades instead of the usual diamonds! These colourful stunners are perfect for the contemporary and out of the box bride and those that love the boho chic aesthetic. Bold and utterly beautiful they definitely are.

Three stone engagement rings – If a solitaire or eternity band doesn’t cut it for you, you will be happy to know that three stone engagement rings are  also back in vogue. If you love diamonds in multiples a three stone engagement ring is ideal to add more bling and shine. Still elegant, these multiple stone rings definitely make more of a statement. A large central stone offset by two smaller ones on the side is the usual pattern and you can even play around with shapes by opting for cushion cut and oval shaped diamonds that offer a different look from the usual brilliant cut round diamonds or the princess cut ones. Mix in another trend if you will by using coloured diamonds! This kind of ring is definitely one that will never go out of style and is chic and timeless with a little bit of added glitz thrown in!

Remember, trends come and go, so pick a style you will love forever!


Megan Jones is a jewellery designer. She is currently working on a range of diamond eternity rings and earrings made with precious stones. Megan is also a voracious blogger and loves writing about all things fashion.