Tailored Menswear – A New Growing Trend

The modern world, in many aspects, has been suffering from serious overcrowding brought about in large part by the industrial revolution. As a response many people are currently turning towards more natural tendencies; think organic food, farmer’s markets, personalised shopping, and now, there’s a trend moving away from buying mass-produced clothing to a preference for hand-made or tailored clothing.

This trend can be most clearly seen in the menswear sector, as many men seem to be feeling the need to wear clothes made to order, with perfect fit, and made to their individual tastes and preferences, traditionally supplied by expert bespoke tailors such as Timothy Everest.

In with the new

But the emerging trend has led to an accelerated growth of clothing brands that offer custom-made clothing, with standard designs, but adjusted to the proportions of each buyer. The model works like this; the clothing brand designs collections with silhouettes and modern fabrics. Buyers schedule their appointment with a representative who takes all the details necessary to create the perfect suit. They begin with taking measurements of more than 16 parts of the body, making sure that the garments are a perfect fit.

The representative suggests some standard silhouettes that best fit the shape of the buyer’s body, who has the option to choose what type of silhouette, fabric, buttons, collar, cuffs he wants for his garment. This applies not only to suits but also to shirts (formal or informal).

Why bother with made-to-measure clothing?

This type of garment is an excellent option for men who have problems finding clothes that really fit them in stores because:

  • Their chest is very large, and if the shirt/suit fits their chest well, it’s too large and baggy further down.

  • Their abdomen is voluptuous, so they have to buy large shirts, but the shirt is too large and baggy in the shoulder area (the seam is lower than the rotating bone of the shoulder).

Better fit – longer life

Custom fitting is in fact a solution in any case where your body does not match the same proportions of the mannequins on which many massed-produced garments are designed. And unlike what many people think, the cost of personalised tailoring is moderate compared to the benefit received from obtaining a quality garment, of perfect size and fit, designed to your own taste, and that will last for a long time

Any well-dressed man nowadays should consider it an essential investment to have at least a couple of good quality tailor made suits appropriate for various casual or formal events. Nothing makes you look and feel as good as clothes designed to fit you, personally, and not just anyone. It’s a great self-confidence booster, and you’ll be walking taller than ever with your own bespoke garments.

Image: TimothyEverest.co.uk

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