Some of the Biggest Myths Surrounding Weight Loss Surgery

Every year, more people are going through weight loss surgery. According to the World Health Organization, some 2.3 billion adults will be overweight this year, 700 million of whom will be obese. This is a shocking statistic and really shows that something has to be done.

What is being done, it seems, is encouraging more people to have weight loss surgery. Most of us, by now, know someone who has had this type of surgery. There are daily stories about fantastic successes about this, as well as some about failures. Some people lose twice their own perfect weight, others have horrendous complications.

Unfortunately, the media has a tendency to sensationalize things, and this has led to the creation of a number of myths surrounding weight loss surgery. As a result, people often don’t know anymore what to believe and they find it difficult to decide whether or not the surgery is right for them. So let’s take a look at the five biggest myths and what the truth about them is.

Myth 1 – Weight Loss Surgery Is Cheating Your Way to a Thin Body

Thinking that Suffolk NY bariatric surgery is an easy way out is probably the biggest myth of all. It isn’t easy to go through surgery. Patients have to completely change their lifestyle in order to go through with eat. They have to eat liquids and purees for weeks after their surgery. They suffer from cramps, nausea, dumping syndrome, vomiting and various other digestion problems. Once they have gone through that, they need to start exercising. Surgery is just a supportive tool, not any kind of easy way out.

Myth 2 – Bariatric Surgery Is Very Risky

A lot of people believe that the incidents of deaths during weight loss surgery are very high, but this isn’t true either. In fact, the mortality rate in weight loss surgery is just 0.1% overall. Surgical complications happen in 2.6% of cases. The reality is also that staying obese is far riskier and more likely to be fatal.

Myth 3 – You Cannot Put Weight Back on

Remember that the surgery is a tool? This means that you are not guaranteed to lose any significant amounts of weight, nor that you can keep it off. You must make the effort yourself and be fully committed to the process in order for you to have permanent results.

Myth 4 – You Won’t Be Hungry Anymore

It is true that you will have less physical hunger. However, a lot of people suffer from ‘head hunger’, which is a withdrawal symptom from having been addicted to food for a long time. Once you have lost the weight, usually some two years after surgery, you will start to feel real hunger again as well.

Myth 5 – You Cannot Get Pregnant After Surgery

Women who are obese usually also have fertility issues. When women lose the weight, their fertility levels tend to be higher. It is possible to fall pregnant after surgery. It is generally recommended to only do so if you have had a lap band fitted, however, as this can be adjusted to make space for more food.

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