Popular Cocktail Rings Owned by Popular People

Cocktail rings have always been quite popular among people who belong to the upper class of the society. Cocktail rings, with their classy and glamorous designs, can complete your whole sophisticated look.

Cocktail rings are pieces of jewelry that are larger than your average ring. They are designed to attract people’s attention. Thus, they are usually big and colorful. Statistics presented by Opulent Jewelers showcased that in one year, the demand for luxury cocktail rings spiked from August 16, 2016. Although it went down again starting February 2017, there were still a large number of women buying them. We can see this in the graph below:

Opulent Rings

The most probable reason for the soaring demand for opulent rings during October is the holiday season. In which time, people are either looking for cocktail rings as gifts for their loved ones or as accessories to be worn to parties.

If you’re looking for the ideal cocktail ring, then you can take inspiration from fashion icons and starts. Here are the most in demand rings:

Ceramic Diamond Ring

If you are into a type of ring that isn’t flashy but still very sophisticated and classy, then you’ll love the quaint ceramic ring that is studded with diamonds. The ceramic ring is rather on the thick side but is really beautiful to look at. It is good for those who prefer a more simple style of dressing as compared to those who like glam.

Pure Gold or White Gold Ring

Gold is definitely the top choice for most people in the high society. If you want something that is a little bit thinner and lighter, then the pure gold or white gold ring is the one for you. Celebrities and influencers can be seen sporting one. With its classy design, you can never go wrong with this choice.

Jewelry Stone Ring

This is another kind of ring that is very popular among high profile people. You can have your own choice of stone in a customized ring. So far, emerald and sapphire cocktail rings are some of the really popular rings. These are great to wear especially for those who like to match their outfit’s color with their jewelries.

Pearl Cocktail Ring

Another design that you may want to look at is the pearl cocktail ring. Just like the jewelry stone ring, the pearl cocktail ring makes use of a centerpiece. That centerpiece is the pearl. The design of the ring makes it good for those who want to have a more flashy and stylish look. This is also a popular choice among celebrities.

Final Thoughts

These are lots of beautiful cocktail rings that are very popular in the higher circle. These rings come in different shapes and sizes. However, what they all have in common is that they can give you that amazing and sophisticated look and allow you to be the center of attention. Check out some of these choices and pick one that matches your style.

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