Polka Dot Print: Embrace Your Inner Child

Becoming an adult is not always as much fun as we think it will be when we are growing up; there is responsibility, the expectation to be sensible, and the trials and tribulations that come with adult life make us long for our childhood once again and to relive the years when we were young and carefree.

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One of the worst things that comes with adulthood is having to wear relatively sensible clothes – once we have reached a certain age, it is deemed unacceptable to wear a Minnie Mouse dress or jellies, and we can no longer wear our hair messy or allow ourselves to become a little sloppy in our appearance throughout the day and people think it is cute. Adult life restricts us from doing all of things that we took for granted as children and we constantly look for ways to regain our youth.

Well luckily for us, there is one rising fashion trend that may just help us to do exactly that; POLKA DOTS ARE BACK!

The very trend that cemented our right to be a child, the pattern that kept us looking girly whilst we caught bugs and rolled around in the mud with our siblings, and the print that was literally everywhere whether it be on our clothes, our bedding, or our little handbags that we used to tote around to be just like mummy has made a comeback in the fashion world. Finally grown women are able to embrace a childhood trend and it is acceptable!


Growing up, we looked to all manner of sources to allow us to have a little part of fashion. Polka dots were a huge trend for little girls and although most of us are at an age where we are reluctant to dress head to toe in dots, we can incorporate the trend in everyday life and remember being a little girl again. It is so simple to add this to our existing wardrobes; accessories, patches on our clothes with a little help from priceslesspatches.com, shoes and little accents mean we are able to be fashionable and young again but at the same time, are still able to reflect our adult status – quite simply, polka dots are the best fashion trend to make a comeback.

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The autumn and winter season is looking very dotty and there is even talk of dots taking over the spring 2014 collections, although quite possibly in a toned down manner. Irrespective of how they are presented, polka dots are something that most women love and the ability to reminisce over playground life is even better. There is no reason to why you can’t go dotty; the versatility of the polka dot means you can incorporate into every day wear with the clothes that are already owned and the new styles that are fresh from the catwalk. One of the biggest fashion trends at the moment is also being able find a look that is versatile for both the day and the night (after all, adults are allowed to stay out late!), and polka dots support this perfectly by being able to be easily carried over from the office to the nightclub.

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The need to be flirty, feminine and sophisticated is the purpose of women’s fashion, as well as the ability to be able to look good and feel good. As we grow so do our fashion needs and desires, and thankfully a childhood trend such as polka dots are able to grow and develop with us…

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