New Era of Designer Kaftans


Kaftans used to be worn solely for religious observance but fashion has opened doors to a new era and transformed this traditional wear into modern elegance. Women may not know how to properly shop for and wear this once extremely formal dress. Learn how to wear kaftans and evolve your wardrobe from mainstream apparel to truly unique and artistic individuality. Designers are inspired by cultural art and maintain integrity when making new patterns. Each woman can express her own style without revealing skin or compromising distinct taste.

Kaftans Brighten Summer Days

What used to be a dress for the devout is now a fashionable alternative for the modern woman. Traditional kaftans usually have long sleeves and flow down to ankle length. But modern alternatives have short sleeves and come up to about mid-thigh. Most designs are made with light fabrics that are not only breathable but are forgiving to any body type. There are variations when tying kaftans including a simple knot in the back or on the side. Wearing this dress in the summer is comfortable and available in countless different colors. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to wear kaftans but this versatile apparel has fashion solutions for all seasons.

Warm Up Winter with Kaftans

After summer is over there are even more techniques to keep kaftans in the outfit rotation. Choose a kaftan in a seasonal color like dark brown or orange for autumn then add a pair of leggings underneath, and a matching pair of earrings to finish. This is a classic yet modernized look that can be easily altered for wintertime. Find a coat and scarf in either a matching or contrasting color to stay warm and fashionable. Also, kaftans look fitting with boots and are the most versatile and adaptive to any season if put together properly. Always remember that an added accessory can make a world of difference.

What to Look for in a Kaftan

A first time shopper searching for kaftans have little to worry about. The most important thing to look for is fabric quality. By design these dresses are relaxing to wear but the wrong type of fabric can drastically drop comfort level. Always opt for soft fabrics that wear smooth but are not too delicate to wash regularly. Another detail to look for is how long the kaftan wears on you because either too short or too long will not look as ideal. Have accurate measurements before deciding which size works best.

Where to Buy Designer Kaftans

Before walking into a clothing store or shopping mall, keep in mind that kaftans are not as easy to find as socks or tank tops. Having a wide variety to browse through will increase your chances of finding kaftans you really love without settling for what’s on the rack. The Internet has plenty of choices but beware of the difference between good and bad websites. Look for lower but not overtly cheap prices to avoid being scammed. Buy kaftans only at reputable sites that have legitimate return policies and attentive customer service.

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