Must-have fragrances for Christmas

No Christmas wish list would be complete without a new perfume to add to your collection. With the festive season just around the corner, new editions and old favourites are starting to fill the shelves and send perfume fanatics into a frenzy. However, if you can’t bring yourself to face the Christmas shopping crowds this year, there is a host of popular scents available online. For example, online beauty experts like Direct Cosmetics offer an extensive range of fragrances at affordable prices.

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying a gift for someone special, here’s a roundup of the top must-have fragrances for this year.

  1. Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

For the sophisticated woman, this sensual perfume is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas party ensemble. Featuring subtle harmonies of almond blossom, sambac jasmine and delicious vanilla, you simply can’t go wrong with this seductive, musky scent. Encased in an elegant bottle, the designer fragrance possesses an intense character and is guaranteed to turn heads whenever it is worn. What’s more, its floral tones have a classic appeal, meaning you can wear it all year round.

  1. Purr by Katy Perry

This flirty fragrance was designed by Katy Perry with the aim of providing something a little bit different from other perfumes on the market. And that’s exactly what Purr is: a distinctive, unique blend of floral and fruity notes that are simultaneously delicate and striking. The scent opens with a fresh burst of citrus, followed by an sensual floral blend and finishing off with indulgent tones of vanilla orchid and sandalwood. Demonstrating her love of all things feline, Katy Perry’s unique and fun style is personified in this playful potion. If you’re looking for a stocking-filler, why not choose the affordable 100ml edition?

  1. CK Be by Calvin Klein

This unisex fragrance has remained a festive favourite since it was first released back 1996, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a classic scent that never falls out of favour, this could be the perfect gift for the man in your life. From one of the world’s most well-loved fashion brands, this eau de toilette offers a fresh, oriental scent with a calming blend of musk, mandarin, amber, peach and sandalwood. The best part is, the subtle and versatile nature of this perfume means it is suitable for everyday use and can be worn on any occasion.

  1. Maitresse by Agent Provocateur

Sweet, sexy and irresistible, Maitresse is the ideal Christmas gift for the glamorous woman. Featuring delicate nuances of lotus blossom, jasmine and a base of white suede and musk, this rich and silky fragrance is truly intoxicating and makes for the perfect party perfume. As seductive as it is sophisticated, this scent is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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