Luxury Watch Girard- Perregaux Lady Tourbillon with three gold bridges

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Precious stones to enhance the shape and finish in Haute Horlogerie with highlight its superb architecture: This is the famous luxury watch Girard Perregaux Tourbillon with three gold Bridges in the female version. Girard Perregaux has always been known for its great quality and outstanding products, which has always left its customers with their jaws dropped at the sight of its products. The rose gold case, made with great skill, surrounds each wrist to perfection, even the most slender. This is truly a work of art and glamour. It spoils the ladies but at the same time is enough to satisfy them with its luxurious details. The wrist is ensured to be comfortable at any time while wearing the watch. Imagine what it’s like to have such a deluxe piece of jewelry on your arm for the whole world to see. Under the slightly curved sapphire crystal, the bezel and the flange are embellished with diamonds and more than 1.80 carats light up this timepiece of Haute Horlogerie. This luxury design is what makes this watch ideal Jewellery for the special occasions and perfect choice for a gift to a special person! That person is sure to be more than happy and the occasion will be even more special with the fashionable touch of the watch, making it even more memorable and remarkable.

Finishing, which is entirely handmade, enhances the perfect geometry and exceptional brightness, enhancing the softness of its curves. This makes the watch a treat for the eyes and at the same time its symmetry allows even the eye not trained for fashion or style to fathom its true beauty. The decoration of the barrel drum consists of a decoration with a floral pattern, handmade with 10 different operations. This shows how much attention has been paid to details and what dedication was required to reach this marvelous result. The delicate mother of pearl dial is in perfect harmony with the movement of the three bridges and is offered with two different shades, in perfect harmony with the crocodile strap and buckle embellished with 18 diamonds. As you can see diamonds dominate this watch. The crocodile strap besides gorgeous is also very delicate for the wrist of the person wearing it. No matter how you look at it from every point of view, this watch is an innovation that harmoniously connects functionality, fashion and luxury.

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In the heart of an extraordinary movement, Tourbillon and its 80 members are part of only 10 mm in diameter. To keep intact the architecture, this Girard Perregaux GP09600 caliber is equipped with a micro rotor placed on the rim of the barrel. It is a smart solution that helps achieve this perfect visual result and at the same time retain its basic functionality. For a delicate feminine touch, a floral design embellishes the sole genus in the drum: The beauty of such skill requires ten different operations. What really completes this masterpiece of mechanical time is the delicate signature on the back case. It’s like that last perfection in the sum of perfect details that summarize this amazing watch.


Pink gold case
Diameter: 38 mm
Glass: anti-reflective sapphire
Back: sapphire closed by 6 screws
Water Resistant: 30 meters ( 3 ATM )
Bezel Case: 48 brilliant-cut diamonds , ~1.45 cts.
Internal bezel: 70 brilliant-cut diamonds, ~0.35 ct.
Buckle: 18 brilliant-cut diamonds, ~0.20 ct.
Embedding total : 136 brilliant-cut diamonds,  ~2 cts.

The retail price (including VAT) of this model:
· 99240D52A701 – CK7A – Euro 176,000
· 99240D52A702 – CKHA – Euro 176,000