How To Make Your Makeup Last The Whole Day – Simple Tips For Every Woman

After you get ready for your day and you feel glamorous about how you look there is one moment that is inevitable for most women: becoming worried that the makeup will not last. This is completely normal and it is hard to think that our makeup will last for long since there are so many things that go on during a day. Smudged off makeup is very common but this often happens because women do not know what to do.

Fortunately, there are many different things you can do. The makeup professionals at Elle B Salon in Denver share the main tips all women should know when they want their makeup to last an entire day.

Properly Prep The Skin

You can do everything perfect when it comes to prolonging makeup wear but when the skin is not properly prepped, makeup will not keep its smooth appearance and will not last long. Bacteria, dead skin cells and oil will stack up so skin texture will not be great. Always think about the following:

  • Tone the skin – Cleanse and exfoliate. Then, use a good toner.
  • Moisturize the skin – Choose the moisturizer based on skin type. Use one that is oil-free.

Primer For Eyes And Face

Using primers is really important. In fact, this is the first vital cosmetic step that helps in making makeup long-lasting. Skincare is sealed in and a barrier is created so your skin is protected.

  • Face Primer – Needed to fill fine lines, pores and create the smooth surface you want for the foundation to be perfect. Water-based, oil-free primers are highly recommended.
  • Eye Primer – They create a good surface for your eyeshadow to actually be able to show true pigment.

Always Use Oil-Free Foundation

When you use oil based foundation there is a much higher possibility that makeup slides out. For women with a dry skin type, moisturizers are vital and have to be applied before the oil-free foundation is used. Always go for the long wearing oil-free foundation that can smooth the complexity the entire day.

Layer Liquid And Cream Based Products With Matching Powder

Creams and liquids will slide off as time passes. If you want complexion products to last, look for lightweight powders matching their color. Do not buff powder in smaller circles above creams and liquids. You want to use stippling. The technique keeps creams and liquids from moving throughout the day and does lock complexion products. Lightweight powders can be kept in your bag and you can lightly reapply when needed.

Light Layer Makeup Application

If your goal is to have long lasting makeup applied on your face, the less is more rule does apply. Beauty blenders should be used to apply only light layers. You want to create texture free, smooth complexion. As you do this the skin ends up looking much more natural without that heavy feeling you surely know.

Always Wear Waterproof Eyeliner And Mascara

Last but not least, only use waterproof makeup if you want to avoid smudges and problems throughout the day. Eyeliners and mascaras smudge right under your eyes following excessive wear. Waterproof formulas avoid that raccoon effect nobody wants.

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