How to Make Your Green Eyes Come to Life

Your Gorgeous Green Eyes  

Your green eyes are attention getters without a doubt. Whether your eyes are the color of grass on a sunny summer day or a mysterious shade of hazel, green eyes are definitely not ordinary. This is especially true if you happen to be a fiery redhead along with possessing luminous green eyes, but also if you are a blonde or brunette. 

Green Eyes Come to LifePerhaps your green eyes are enhanced by tinted contact lenses. Colored nonprescription contact lenses are a popular item to order through online outlets such as Lenstore. No matter what your hair color or skin tone, showing your green eyes to their best advantage can be tricky. The best makeup shades to use vary, depending on the actual shade of green your eyes happen to be, your hair color and your general coloring.

Eye Shadow 

In general, smoky shades like taupe tend to work best with green eyes. Eye shadow with a shimmer will highlight any gold flecks in your irises.  Silver is also an excellent choice, especially for evening. Sage eye shadow will play up the green coloring in your irises. Any shade of purple or violet is especially well matched with green eyes of any shade. Avoid ashy brown, which tends to obscure your eyes and make them look muddy. 

Eye Liner and Mascara 

Black mascara and eye liner are glamorous and carry an air of mystery. However, with very few exceptions, black mascara and eye liner are much too dark for you if you have green eyes. Especially if you have fair skin and blonde or red hair, black eye liner and black mascara are too harsh, and may even add years to your look.

Better choices are gray and brown for a more natural look. To create a fashion forward look line your eye with a dark violet. Brush a lighter shade of violet onto your lashes to generate a “look at me!” focus for your eyes that demands attention. 

Foundation and Powder 

For a natural daytime look, aim for a nude palate, matching your foundation and powder as closely to your natural skin tone as possible. To create a more dramatic look for evening and special occasions, stick with foundation that closely matches your skin tone, but which has a slightly warmer shade. Finish your makeup application with a dusting of powder with a subtle shimmer to add drama to your look. 


If you’re fair, favor pinkish blush shades with peachy undertones, especially if you have red hair. On the other hand, if you have dark hair and olive skin, your blush should be redder, with bronze undertones. In either case, less is more. Your coloring is already dramatic, and too much blush can give you an overly made up look. 


Just as with blush, you should stick with a lighter touch where lipstick is concerned. You don’t have to stick to matte finishes and neutral colors. Depending on your skin tone, a rich red or pouty pink look great matched with your green eyes. For daytime, matte shades and stains are more business friendly. After hours, however, go ahead and apply a shiny lip gloss for a dramatic look.

Daniel Peterson is a fashion designer. He loves to write about how to make certain colors pop on fashion blogs.

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