How to Dress Sensibly for The Workplace

Do you have a demanding job that requires you to push the limits in your office cubicle? Are you constantly wearing the same work outfit over and over? Are your work shirts falling apart? Are people starting to notice?

Don’t feel ashamed. While getting the right workwear wardrobe together is incredibly important, it’s also incredibly easy if you know how! Keep reading to find out why you may need to refresh your work wardrobe and how best to go about doing it.

The Demands of The Workplace

No one likes to talk about it, but sitting in a stuffy office can make you sweat. Furthermore, you begin to lose creativity being sat in a grey corporate world. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a bright yet suitable appearance for work every day.

There are several benefits to dressing well at work:

  • You’ll start to feel more confident in yourself, expressing your personality in the office.
  • Colleagues and managers will take notice of you and be impressed by your confidence.
  • Customers, suppliers and other people who you interact with will notice how professional and smart you look, leaving a very good impression.
  • Your general wellbeing and happiness is said to increase by taking care of your body and appearance.

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The Best Place to Buy Suitable Workwear

Not everyone likes doing clothes shopping – and that’s okay! You can buy all your office clothing in one place for ease and convenience. This also mean you can match outfits online without even trying anything on.

The key to wearing colours at work is to be conservative. Pick one colour per outfit and fill out the rest with smart blacks, greys and navy colours.

Let’s go through an example outfit for a lady:

First, make sure you have smart shoes. Small heels are fine, so are ballet pumps. No scuffs or marks so keep them clean!

Next wear tailored black trousers that aren’t too tight but still suit your natural curves. Or choose dark stockings and a black pencil skirt. Keep skirts and dresses knee-length.

For your top, wear a simple silk blouse in a bright colour. Vivid reds and light pinks give a feminine, eye-catching look.

Top with a long cardigan and simple scarf if it’s winter.

You can find all this at Saint Tropez! A conservative yet colourful outfit will really boost workplace morale.

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