How to Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your Everyday Life

All women love to dress up -it is something we never really grow out of, but in the modern world rarely get the chance to do. Occasionally we will be invited to a formal dinner or a special party for which we can buy a sparkly dress, matching clutch bag and get our sparklers out.

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However, most women only really get to dress up for their high school prom and the odd wedding. An event like Ladies Day at Ascot or Goodwood gives some women the chance to buy a good quality outfit complete with a hat, but that really is it when it comes to looking glamorous. Apart from that, women spend a lot of time looking at glossy pictures of models and celebrities in glamorous designer clothes on the red carpet or at award ceremonies. Most women yearn for a little glamour in their lives to lift their spirits and make them look and feel good.

Fortunately, some modern fashion designers like LK Bennett realise that women love a touch of glamour, so are coming up with ways to add a touch of affordable luxury to British women’s everyday wardrobe. They are making high quality clothes that not only look great, but are also affordable. Their clothes are rarely glitzy or sparkly, so are not necessarily glamorous in the traditional sense of the word. Designers know that women do not want to look out of place or as the saying goes -‘like mutton dressed as lamb’, so they are injecting the glamour into their designs more subtly.


These kinds of designers are using high quality fabrics to add a touch of luxury. Not only does this mean that the clothes look better, they also hang properly and last longer. It also means that they feel good against the skin. If you put a cheap, flimsy blouse on that hangs askew and rumples easily, no matter how well it matches the rest of your outfit you just will not feel good. On the other hand, put on a blouse that is made from heavy material that does not require you wear a vest under it for modesty’s sake and you will feel ready for anything. This kind of high quality blouse will also be more versatile than a cheap one. You can wear it on its own with jeans, at the weekend, or with a business suit during the week. I you get hot you need not fear taking your jacket off as you would if you were wearing a cheap blouse. The more expensive, better cut blouse will look fantastic with or without the jacket.

Tailored Yet Feminine

Many modern designers are tapping into the fact that women lead multi-layered lives and like clothes that straddle their work and social lives. They are producing tailored yet feminine clothes that show off the form, so look great worn at the weekends with casual clothes but have enough structure to be worn at work too. This semi-tailored look is in itself quite glamorous, and harks back the screen sirens of the 1930s and 40s when famous women always looked as if they were dressed to kill, so to speak.

If you are fed up with looking frumpy, step your wardrobe up a notch and buy mid-range designer clothes. You will pay a bit more, but will look great and will find that your clothes last rather than having to go in the bin every couple of months. Importantly, you will add a touch of glamour to your daily life without spending a fortune.

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