Grooming Tips for Teens

If you’re in your teens or early twenties don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can ignore looking after your skin, let’s face it we only get one chance to look after it, after all. Whatever your age and whatever your skin type men’s grooming tips are really important.

When it comes to shaving it’s key to shave in the direction of the hair growth, or using a face wash daily for optimum skin health.  Not all men’s skincare is the same when it comes to daily grooming you need to ensure that your skin remains in great condition.

Your daily skincare routine in order to achieve a radiant complexion, needs to be specifically tailored to your skin type and also based on your age.

Skin alters dramatically between the age gap of twenty to forty, and the way we take care of it and the products we use need to adapt and evolve with our age.

While you’re in your teens or early twenties – picking up your exam results, travelling, partying, graduating, moving away from home and shaping your career, developing a sound grooming routine may become merely an afterthought. But it’s in your teens and early twenties that you can lay the foundations of great skincare, and ensure your work is a lot easier by the time you hit forty.

Here’s where to start for those guys out there that may need a little guidance on how to perform a successfully shave without those nicks and cuts. Three easy steps to remember:


Step 1 – Prepare


Firstly try to shave after a shower as the hot water helps to loosen the pores and soften your hair for a close shave apply your pre-shave product of choice to soften your hair and allow the razor to glide


Step 2 – Begin the Shave


Allow the razor to glide, don’t apply pressure it the razor just allow it to naturally glide. Then begin to shave in the direction that your hair grows this will differ for each of you. Run your fingers across the area to feel and allow the pattern.

For the more stubborn hair try reapplying the shaving cream or gel in a sideways motion, with small strokes to prevent irritation.


Step 3 – Aftershave Balm


Finally pat the skin dry using the towel, then apply an aftershave balm for maximum comfort. They moisturise your skin, repairing damaged skin and preventing redness. For dry skin, avoid aftershave with alcohol as these dry skins. For sensitive skin use a product with aloe vera.

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