Groom Wedding Dresses – 2018 Latest Design And Trends Of Sherwani

Sherwani is considered to be the perfect attire for traditional celebration in India. Available in plenty of designs, artwork, colours and styles, it gives an elegant and classy touch to one’s personality. Not just it looks decent, but this classy and ethnic piece will make one outshine any event.

Mens kurta and Sherwani have been worn from the time they are introduced to the world of men’s fashions. With passing years, manufacturers introduce different designs and innovations in it. If you are planning to buy it, then you must make yourself aware of the design and trends in this classic traditional garment in 2018.

The beauty of Sherwani

For long, the appearance of ‘sherwani’ has been associated with the bubbling occasions like Indian weddings. Intricate, graceful, elegant, royal, Indian traditional wear i.e., sherwanis are very convenient to pull off. It is ideal wedding attire for not just the groom, but men and boys of all demographics and age groups.

This is one of the attires that every man is excited to wear at their wedding. Its rich look, elaborate and artistic designs, makes everyone fall for it. As with any other clothing, kurta and sherwanis also undergo a change in styles and designs on a regular basis.

There are several online stores that provide an extensive collection of sherwani to suit everyone’s preferences and need. Some of the widely sought types of sherwani include wedding, sangeet, jodhpuri, Indian, traditional, and many more. Choose from the latest sherwani designs at online stores and look the best at all occasion.

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Embroidery all over

Embroidered sherwani is believed to be the trendsetters in 2018. You can find a lot of manufacturers, bringing up their sherwani collection with embroidery in different types, designs and colours. Some of the popular patterns that can be seen in the stores are flowery designs that showcase small and large prints of flowers.

Other designs are botanical, and bird motifs. Such long, knee length or thigh height embroidered sherwani goes best with cigarette pants or chooridars. This is the ideal attire for attending a mehendi or sangeet ceremony. It is no surprise that this appealing attire will surely get you those second glances from everyone present at that occasion.

Nihal Fashions brings you expertly cut ensembles in superior quality of fabrics in mens kurta that ensure a lovely fit. With its customization feature, you can easily find what you require exactly and in the form you want it.

Asymmetric Sherwani

If you are wishing to get one for a classy and elegant look, then this trend will surely be a great idea. A sherwani that comes with a slit and has an asymmetric collar gives a fashionable look to it. Several designers have been seen coming up with impressively designed sherwanis in rich fabrics, embroidered sleeves and collars on the runways.

This awesome piece looks even more mesmerizing when paired with cigarette pants in contrasting colours. This is the best designs of sherwani especially for the groom for reception or engagement function. Wearing this gorgeous sherwani will get everyone’s eyes set on you.

Jacket Sherwani

The latest introduction in sherwanis is the one with jackets. From the time of its introduction, it has become very popular among people. Wearing a jacket designed sherwani has become a trend these days.

It can be short, long, unbuttoned, buttoned and paired with chooridar or lose pants. It is the best to be worn on special occasions such as your best friend’s engagement or cousin’s wedding. This is surely going to make you the centre of attention in any event.

Unembroidered or brocade sherwani

If embroidered clothes are not your style, then consider wearing a different fabric. Silk and brocade are two good fabric choices for people who are looking for a traditional or cultural occasion. It has been seen many men walking on the ramp and showcasing their sherwanis made with heavy brocade fabric in different designs without any embroidery.

You can pair it with your loose pants, cigarette pants and chooridaar for a perfect look. Brocade based sherwanis are the best option for groom in a wedding and other occasions to be performed in the summer season. Unembroidered brocade or silk sherwani will make you look stunning in your sister’s marriage occasion.

Printed Sherwani

Printed sherwanis are sure to capture everyone’s heart this season. Printed ones are made for people who look for a simplistic yet classy look. These sherwani are available at online stores in innumerable prints such as birds, flowers, geometrical shapes etc. You can pair them with your chooridaar or cigarette pant. If you are buying it for your own wedding, then to make it more interesting, you can match print motifs, design and colours of your sherwani with lehenga of your bride.

Belted Sherwani

You can find belted attire everywhere in this season. Its use is not just limited to western wear but is nowadays seen in traditional outfits too. Belt adds a distinctive style to cultural Indian attire like sherwani. It makes your sherwani looks a bit trendy and stylish.

Properly worn belted sherwani will give the best ever traditional look to a person. The right way to wear it is by pairing it with chooridaar, dupatta or dhoti pants. So, if you are going to attend your best friend’s special occasion, then make sure you wear it. You can easily find them in the mens kurta and pajama sections.

Button Placket

In this type of sherwani design, there is a button placket present at the front side of a sherwani. This design can be found in both plain as well as embroidered sherwani. What it does is that it makes look of the attire a lot more fancy and sophisticated. Button Placket sherwani is best to be paired with cigarette pants or chooridaar. Due to their stylish look, it is more suited for a casual get together or occasion during this wedding season.


Bundhgala sherwani has been worn since olden times. It was very popular those days. Now they are again back in trend. Bundhgala is short sherwani with a hip length, Chinese collared design and a button placket. It is short as its height reaches just below the hip region.

They are commonly worn with jodhpuri, chooridar, or cigarette pants. You can get them in embellished, printed, or plain form. It is made in a heavy material like silk. This type of sherwani is perfect for friend’s engagement or sangeet ceremony.

Kurta under Sherwani

This is a pretty new introduction in sherwani collection in the market. This is a unique style that gives dual appearances in single attire. Designers have tried this distinctive design in embellished and embroidered sherwanis that are worn over largely sized kurtas. They can be paired with cigarette pants or chooridaar for an outstanding look at engagements and receptions.


These types of sherwanis look super trendy and new this season. This classic Indian man’s traditional wedding wear has got a twist. It is available in gradient shades. When paired with cigarette pants impart a s fresh and a subtle look for an event. For a summer season friend’s wedding, pastels shades such as olive green, lavender and powder blue, can do wonders in your overall appearance.

Velvet Sherwani

Velvet ethnic garments are a timeless fabric. They are certainly not to be considered as a new trend especially for Indians. This is absolutely remarkable Indian traditional attire that you must have for all season wedding. In the year 2018, you can find this fabric as the trendiest one that is making it the most preferred among designers.

This year, you can see embroidered and plain velvet sherwanis at several prominent fashion designers’ collections. Pairing this amazing sherwanis with royal blue contrasting colour velvet sherwani with maroon coloured dupatta and chooridar will make everyone’s eyes glued on you.

The magical combination of bold and dark

Dark and bold hues are the best to be worn in winter season. Latest trends in Indian traditional wear indicate that variation of blue and black are becoming very popular. It offers a stunning contrast to the lively and happy setting of the occasion.

Addition of a tinge of gold to it will complement the dark colour of the sherwani. It will bring about the best in your attire. This addition of gold can be in the form of golden embroidery work, thread work, gold ring, a locket, bracelet or a gold coloured embroidered dupatta. Machine embroidered and black coloured sherwani in cotton-velvet is surely a big head turner.

The Soft Pastel

Pastel colours are one of the hot picks amongst the men in upcoming wedding season. Grooms, who prefer matching their attire with their bride, will definitely going to love pastel coloured sherwanis.

These colours are subtle, understated and highly appealing in a daytime setting. One of the classic examples of soft pastel sherwanis is a pale pink coloured foil with printed sherwani with flowery motifs. Such amazing sherwanis are best to grab the show effortlessly.

The Flashy Dupatta

Dupatta holds a very special significance in a sherwani. A dupatta offers a perfect opportunity to display the entire ensemble. The recent trends favour towards sherwani embroidered dupattas that immediately uplift the entire look. With such a heavily embroidered and artistic dupatta, it is important that you pair it with a simple and solid sherwani.

When it comes to choosing the type of flashy dupatta, then the best choice could be velvet dupattas. They look best when talking in terms of this trend. One of the beautiful dupattas would be an emerald green coloured stole having a zari border work.

The Monochrome

A monochrome sherwani can tell a lot about the confidence in a man. This is the reason that makes it the most promising trend to follow in the year 2018. From accessories to footwear, to dupattas, when everything is worn in the same shade, then it makes you look different from the crowd. You deliver a rich artistic and appealing appearance through your monochrome style outfit.

Many of the Indian fashion designers provide you a comprehensive package that implies that you need not roam around from one shop to another to look for the matching accessories. This makes it easy for people to get dressed in a monochrome style. If you are unsure of which colours would look best in this style, then try jet black colour draped achkan and pair it with same coloured pants. Black, being a bold and stylish colour will help you look special and amazing in a monochrome style.

The uniquely styled

This is the last trend that you are going to observe in the year 2018, in related to Indian men’s sherwani. As the name suggests, this is a unique style which has a big twist involved in it. Wearing or draping a sherwani differently than a normal style, will bring you loads of compliments. For men who want a stylish touch in this conventional attire should consider it for their big event.

You can add unique accessories such as pocket squares, layers or tassels to it, to turn on the style. One of the best examples in this style is an ivory embroidered sherwani which stands out when worn with an elaborate waist belt.


The craze for this beautiful traditional attire, known as mens kurta and pajamas, is never going to fade in the future. Whether it is a wedding, reception, engagement or any other traditional occasion, no attire is better than a conventional sherwani. As designers keep coming with varying styles each season, people need to perform research at their end prior to shopping for it. Knowledge of the current designs and trends will surely help you select the best outfit in the present fashion era.

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