Electronic Cigarettes And 3 Reasons Why They Are So Popular

There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are very popular nowadays and there isn’t a day to pass by without learning new and new things about them, either from a technological point of view, as upgrades, new patents and new models make a constant focus for the manufacturers, but especially from a health point of view. In this regard, things aren’t very clear yet, but as things evolve, in some years (and not many) the researchers will reach a series of final conclusions. While some international organizations conduct large population studies and doctors everywhere are more and more interested in conducting clinical trials, the vaping community grows with each day with new members, all agreeing that even if some health issues haven’t been completely resolved, there are undoubtedly some benefits of using electronic cigarettes.

1.      Out with the smelly smoke

Due to the fact that the vaping devices eliminate only vapors, the users aren’t surrounded anymore by the classic tobacco smoke that bothers a lot of people and even the regular users sometimes. On blogs and online journals the vapers share their experience of vaping and they all emphasize the same fact: in a room full of vapers the only thing you can smell around in their designer perfumes, the food scents and the fresh air coming in from outside. Men and women alike confess that vaping significantly reduced the bothering odor impregnated in their clothes, hair or skin, so from this point of view, vapers’ and the surrounding crowd’s noses are not abused anymore.

2.      Reducing fire hazards

This may sound a little superficial, but you have no idea that the majority of accidental or intended fires taking place in USA only are caused by classical cigarettes, either if they are forgotten burning somewhere in the house, either if they are thrown in the trash bin while still burning (enough to fire up the garbage or the house for that matter) or malevolently thrown in a pond of gas. You’ve seen it in the movies, but don’t think this doesn’t happen in real life too. Because of these reasons, vapers consider that using an e-cig reduces significantly the fire hazard, as the devices don’t burn.

3.      Psychological and mental health benefits

Sounds strange? Imagine a community that shares not only a hobby, but a real interest and a real passion. Electronic cigarettes have a strong social component added to them and vapers know this and enjoy this very much. Let’s not get into that grey territory, where classic smokers are seen more and more as persona non grata, not being allowed to smoke in public places, but also seeming to wear a social stigmata. If you read the news feed, you will observe a trend involving smokers, who apparently have less and less friends and not being able to get a date. But this is still a grey area involving a lot of confounded variables, so we’ll step out of it and talks about vapers. They are very united, very close and some of them actually benefit from extra-devices helping them being more social, such as Blu’s Social Pack. Not to mention that technology is there for them every step of the way, offering them all sorts of apps and opportunities to bring them closer. The relationship between mental health and socialization is a subject long debated and well clarified: the stronger your “real people” network is, the more you socialize, the healthier you are, less vulnerable to depression, less vulnerable to mental degenerative processes and more able to work your cognitive functions.

If you listen to vapers, they will tell you that there are many other reasons why the popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing. The money issue can’t be ignored, as on a long term, they tend to ease your budgetary concerns, while the tech geeks finally found something to play with each day: the modders – those who modify their e-cigs or those who build their own models – have found the hobby of their lifetime.

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