Dress Your Best: Five Items Every Man Needs in His Closet

There are at least five items that a man must have in his wardrobe to consider himself well dressed.

Belt it Together

A black leather belt is always respectable, but leather belts can be bought in other colors as long as they complement the color of the wearer’s shoes. Braided leather belts are now acceptable for business wear. The leather can be made of pigskin, lambskin or cowhide, though some people believe lamb leather from England or Italy is the best. Still, nothing really beats an alligator leather belt.

Trouser Time

Flannel is versatile because flannel can be worn in both cold and warm weather. In warm weather, choose the lighter colored flannel made out of lightweight wool. Flannel trousers can be worn with just about any type of jacket. There are always great options for mens designer jeans to complete your wardrobe.

Shoes Matter

Of course, the wardrobe will need more than one pair of shoes, but the black leather brogue with the capped toe is a must. It’s dressy but casual at the same time and can be worn with both a good navy suit and a tuxedo. The shoes should be comfortable the first time they’re worn and shouldn’t need to be broken in. Another reason to buy more than a pair is because leather shoes shouldn’t be worn two days in a row. They need to be dried out and to breathe. They always need to be stored with shoe trees, ideally cedar ones.

Basically Basic

If a man can only have one shirt it should be a white shirt. The white shirt is considered good to wear for business because it needs, or used to need, to be washed every day. This gave a prospective employer the idea that the man had the means to have his shirts washed every day or that he had a dutiful wife. A white shirt can serve as a great canvas to show off the latest tie or to contrast with the dark suit. It can also be worn casually or can be buttoned up, embellished with a tie and be completely formal.

Later, the wardrobe can expand to include blue shirts, some with classy Oxford stripes.

Tall Dark and Handsome

Black is the color for all seasons. A black jacket goes with everything, from light trousers to jeans to pants with a crease. The buyer only has to take into account the cut of the jacket and the fabric. Good fabrics for summer are linen, wool crepe and tropical worsted. Good fabrics for winter are the heavier sort of flannel, other wools and corduroy.

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