Daily Wear vs. Monthly Wear-Which Contacts are Right for Your Eyes?

If you have been prescribed to wear contact lenses or have made the decision to switch to them from glasses you are quite likely to ask yourself the question whether you should go for daily or monthly wear contacts.

Here is a look at the difference and some information that might help you to decide which option is best for you.

Contacts are Right for Your Eyes

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Understanding the difference

In simple terms, contact lenses are named for the duration of time for which they are intended to be worn and will last. Both types of lenses are readily available from suppliers such as www.nextdaylenses.com if you choose to wear daily lenses, then these are disposable and only intended to be worn for a few hours at a time.

If you choose monthly lenses, then you will find that these are more substantial lenses and can be inserted and removed at your own discretion throughout the entire intended 30 day life-cycle of the lenses.

There are some major differences between the two types which should be understood in order to enable you to make an informed choice between the two types.

Daily contact lenses vs. Monthly contact enses

One of the first things to do is to interpret the information recorded about your eyes that is detailed on your prescription. This may help you to decide which option is the best one for your circumstances, as well as evaluating your lifestyle pattern and the convenience factor of the two options.

Daily contact lenses may well be considered to be more flexible and advantageous because of their disposability aspect, especially when you consider the fact that you can simply throw them away after use compared to the fact that with monthly lenses, they have to be carefully removed each time and placed in a safe sterile container.

If you intend to wear your lenses each and every day then you will probably find that it works out more expensive to have a supply of daily contact lenses compared to the cost of buying monthly contact lenses.

Daily lenses are often thinner than their monthly counterparts which does make them easier to insert and also remove but at the same time, it also makes them more susceptible to being broken or scratched, which will immediately render them as useless.

Personal comfort and choice is a key factor as well as heeding the advice of your eye specialist as to what they think is the best option for your eyes. It seems that many people consider daily lenses to be more comfortable, probably as a result of the fact that they are thinner than monthly lenses, but you are more than likely to adapt to either type of lens over a reasonable period of time, so you should not immediately dismiss monthly contacts on this issue alone.

There is no certain answer as to which the best option is as it is very much down to personal choice and what is recommended by your eye doctor.

You may perhaps decide to do what many seem to find the best option initially when first starting to wear contact lenses. Start off with daily versions and then see if you feel the need to progress to a longer duration lens, only you and your eye doctor will ultimately know what the best choice is.

Greg Taylor is an eye doctor. He frequently writes about his best tips for contact lenses on consumer blogs.

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