Combining Modern & Classic Design to Create Your Own Elegant Style

When designing your living space, you don’t have to compromise your conflicting style. If you like both modern and traditional design elements, don’t feel like you have to sway all the way to one side to make it work. You can combine both — if you follow the rules. 

Rule 1: Use the 80/20 Rule

While you don’t have to fully commit to modern or classic styling, you should decide which one you want to play a stronger role in your design. Style At Home recommends using the 80/20 rule. Choose one design style and decorate 80% of the space along that design aesthetic. Then fill the remaining 20% with another style. This allows you to combine two styles without it feeling chaotic, messy, and disjointed.

Rule 2: Match Color, Not Style

Finding modern and traditional items that match in styles won’t happen too often. So instead of forcing together two opposing styles, combine two similar colors.

Traditional styles use patterns and prints, whereas modern styles use mostly solids. These contrasting qualities open up a big window for collaboration when paired properly.

Select a color from a traditional print and match it with a modern piece in the same color. Likewise, find a traditional piece with a prominent color that matches one of your modern pieces. This will unify the two sides of the style spectrum without feeling forced.

Rule 3: Use Fabric Accents to Add Flair and Form

Now that you know how to pull out colors to unify your room’s style, it’s time to find fabric accents that fit. Use table cloths, runners, throw pillows, and drapes to create your desired look.

Or try working backwards. Find a fun print that you want to build on. See how this print from draperies by the Shade Store was able to set the tone for the rest of the room. Working backwards and starting with one print (or solid that you love) might be the best way to move forward in your design planning.

Own Elegant Style

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Rule 4: Don’t Go Crazy With Prints

It can be easy to lose yourself in prints when designing. So be sure to frequently take a step back and remember to work in solid colors to break up the noisy prints. Even if traditional is the style you are going for, too many prints can quickly suck the style out of your room.

Rule 5: Know When to Say ‘NO’

Just because you can naturally and beautifully mix traditional and modern styles, that doesn’t mean you should do it all of the time. You need to know when to say ‘no’ when it comes to combining these styles. If a piece just doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. Refer back to Rule 1 when trying to decide when to say when. If a fabric or paint choice is going to sway the 80/20 ratio, try to think of another place for the piece, in another room.

Designing is all about showing your personal style and flair. So if you are a little traditional and a little modern, don’t feel like you have you have to commit one way or the other. The best styles bring together the moste aesthetically appealing aspects of two worlds.

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