Accessorise to Impress

Whether you’re going for a job interview, heading out for a night out on the tiles or dressing up for a function or event, you want to look your best. The best way to enhance your look is through accessorising your outfit, so it’s out with the ‘plain and boring’ and in with the ‘glitz and glam’.



A watch is seen by many to be the ultimate fashion accessory. A good quality watch can enhance any outfit and will wow those around you with ease.

Watches are available in an array of styles, colours and sizes so there’s certainly something out there that suits your taste. For me, the best thing about watches is their versatility. There’s no need to own seven or eight watches as one will do the trick. If you buy a plain or neutrally toned watch then it will match and enhance any outfit on any occasion.


Shoes can provide a much needed lift (both physically and metaphorically) to any outfit. If you’re dressed conservatively for an event, shoes can provide your outfit with a sense of personality and charisma. For men, tan coloured brogues are a must-have item this year as they provide a splash of colour against a largely denim blue backdrop.

Women, fortunately, are blessed with an infinite amount of options when it comes to shoes and, unlike with watches, it’s wise to have a pair to go with almost every outfit combination. You may regret it when you get your credit card statement but your wardrobe will look fabulous!

Finishing Touches

With your watch and shoes on, you’ll be able to add the finishing touches. If you’re dressed smartly then the little finishing touches can make all the difference to your look.

A pair of luxury cufflinks will complete any ‘suited and booted’ look, oozing style and sophistication. If you’re dressed a little more casually in jeans and a polo t-shirt then consider a statement belt to your look in order to add a little bit of personality.


All of these ideas will help you enhance any of your outfits and they don’t even have to cost you the earth. Whether you want cheap accessories or designer fashion statements there’s an option for you. But, remember, you have to accessorise to impress!

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