4 Challenges You Face When Making a Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claim

Cosmetic surgery is getting more popular every year. Thousands of people undergo a non-surgical or surgical procedure to correct a defect or to beautify an area of the body they are not satisfied with. Cosmetic surgery can be affordable, quick, and effective – but it can also have the potential for serious risk. Cosmetic surgery procedures can cause many different types of injuries and conditions, from scarring, burns, and allergic reactions, to hair loss, emotional damage, and infection. If you suffer an injury as part of a cosmetic surgery procedure you may be entitled to compensation. Check out our quick guide to cosmetic surgery compensation claims here.

1. Subjective v Objective Outcomes

For the most part, the outcome of a cosmetic surgery procedure is highly subjective. You may have a different idea of what looks good than a surgeon. They may feel that the procedure was as success while you do not. But there are certain ways the surgeon can make sure you are properly prepared for the procedure. They need to be realistic with you and honest about the potential outcomes. They should not make you expect the surgery to have certain results which do not come about. If this is the case, you may be able to make a claim for compensation based on the outcome of the surgery which didn’t give you the results that were promised.

2. Was There Informed Consent?

Many cosmetic surgery claims are brought about because the surgeon or the organisation carrying out the surgery did not discuss the risks and the limitations of the surgery before you agreed to the procedure. They should have told you about any other procedures that could have given the same result. They should let you know about the risks and discuss with you whether the procedure is the right one for your needs.

3. Levels of Compensation are Variable

It can be very complicated to work out how much compensation is required for certain cosmetic surgery injuries. The compensation to replace the money spent on procedures to correct a fault can be simply calculated, but what is more difficult is the method of deciding on a figure to compensate for psychological injuries, or compensation for loss of earnings or loss of enjoyment.

4. Complicated Procedures

There are certain time frames you need to adhere to, and different procedures you need to go through, in order to secure a successful claim for compensation. Since the process can be complicated, it is important to get assistance from a personal injury lawyer who will be able to advise you on your specific case.

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