3 Useful Style Tips for the Shy Fashionista

Shy Fashionista

The fashion world is a dynamic and absolutely fast paced world to be in. Following trends and experimenting constantly with the new and evolving requires serious dedication, passion and yes a huge dollop of boldness. Not only is it something that we clothe our body with, but our style is often a representation of your personalities, likes and dislikes and often our lifestyles as well. And if you are introverted, shy or just afraid to experiment, that can be quite a stressful prospect!

When it comes to experimenting with fashion some people often jump in head long and adapt to changing trends with an ease like a duck to water. Others take their time in weeding out what is being offered and then making additions, while others watch unsure from the guidelines, not quite trusting their sartorial choices or fearing to put an unfashionable foot forward. If you are less than bold about experimenting with fashion, here are a few useful tips for you –

Try first with fast fashion – The runways are replete with new collections a few times a year and you will see the best, newest and shiniest fashions and styles being churned out on a regular basis in the blink of an eye! While a lucky few have the luxury to experiment with the latest offerings in clothing and accessories come what may the price tag, the rest of us maybe not so much. If you aren’t sure how to experiment and whether you are confident enough to try the latest trends, dip your toes in to the fashion pond do to speak, with fast fashion. Opt for budget versions of the latest trends like the sharpest new blazers, brightly coloured pencil skirts, body con midi dresses and more  and see if they work for you. Knowing that you aren’t going to be spending a bomb on the latest styles, will give you that added push to try and experiment more with your sartorial choices. Keep an eye out for sales at department stores or go browse in thrift stores and flea markets. If you find cheap fashion that you soon grow to love, you can then invest in the high end versions of your favourite new trendy pieces.

Try trends in small doses – Some of the latest trends definitely for the shy at heart. They warrant attention and scream of the wearer’s confidence. The latest trends like wearing bright neon colours, pattern mixing and cut-out clothing and more are often better suited to those who don’t mind a little extra attention and the spot light on themselves! If you are more of a mild personality, why not adapt these trends to suit you. Pick small doses like colour by way of pink diamonds or neon in the form of a sling or satchel, a cut-out sweater over a tank top, a body con top topped with a jacket and the likes, for example. Mix in small doses of the latest out there trends to update your style and better suit your own subdued personality.

Take fashion with a pinch of salt – Fashion and style is not something that you will ever enjoy if you take it too seriously! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be trendy or you will never be able to enjoy the absolute joy that comes with feeling and looking your best by adapting what is new to what works best for you. Style is extremely subjective and taking small steps to develop your own sartorial signature is much more enjoyable if you aren’t constantly fretting about taking the wrong step.


Jewel Thorne is a personal shopper and style blogger. She loves working with her clients and giving them a fresh lease on their fashion lives. Whether it is pink diamonds, a chic LBD or a great pair of jeans, she loves to hunt for the most flattering pieces.