10 Chair Decoration Ideas That Will Stun Your Guests

Planning for a wedding or party with décor that will mesmerize the guests? Well, you have come to the right place. The guests come in parties or weddings to have a relaxed time where they can sit, enjoy their drinks and chit-chat with friends and family. Definitely chairs in the get- together have an important role to play in matching with the decorations and grab the attention of the guests.

We came up with some unique ideas for your chair decoration. It involves something with bulk flowers, something with beautiful fabric and something for you to improvise.

Single layered fabric with two blooms

Use a single layer of drape on the chairs. The fabric of the drape should be linen and attach two single flowers on the side of the clothing wrap. Choose the fabric color and flowers according to your wedding theme. For some generic bulk flower suggestions, you can use roses, sunflower, peonies, calla lily or baby’s breathe. For the aesthetic beauty, we suggest that you stick to one single category of bloom.

Transparent lacy fabric and some pearls

For a more gorgeous look, lacy fabrics work the best. Drape the corners of the chair with the fabric and add some pearls to it. Pearls would provide an elegant look to the chair. For a chic and romantic themed wedding, this chair décor would be a remarkable choice for you. Try to keep the fabric color in lighter shades as pearls won’t go with bright colors.

A garland with shades of purple


If you are planning on buying bulk flowers for the wedding, there are actually plenty of ways to utilize them efficiently. Make garlands with the flowers and simply drape them with the chairs. A single garland per chair is good enough to create an enticing look for the wedding décor. In terms of color choice, mixture of light and dark purple flowers are our personal favorite garlands. But you can always choose a different color based on your wedding theme.

Full coverage with multi-colored transparent fabric

A common practice in Asian weddings is to cover the chairs completely with fabrics of different color. Going for multi-colored glittery fabrics for your chairs is a good choice if you are planning on a culture enriched or traditional wedding. However, don’t use the similar patterns for table clothing as well.

Something contrast with table clothing

If your wedding theme includes dual color patterns, you can play with table and chair decors well. What we mean is using a contrast color for the chairs will provide a bold look and we assure you the pictures would look absolutely amazing.

Go extravagant with velvet fabric

Our personal favorite fabric for any wedding décor is velvet. The material itself speaks of its high and exotic texture. If budget is not an issue, choosing velvet fabric for the chairs will surely stun the guests. Match the fabric color with the table centerpieces you would be using. This beautiful look is worth the high cost, we can assure you that.

Simple floral bouquets attached in the middle

If you are looking for something unique, we always have something in plate for you. Instead of using centerpieces for the table, use small bouquets to attach to the chairs. Floral budget will increase in this case but you can cut down costs by buying bulk flowers.

Satin ribbons with large blooms

Something simple yet impactful look would be to decorate with satin ribbons and a single large bloom. For instance, a satin ribbon in the middle and a sunflower, orchid or some tulips is a good combination for chair décor.

Polka dot fabrics with pompoms

For vintage or boho themed wedding, polka dot fabric on chairs would look marvelous. Add pompoms with those to give an even gorgeous touch.

Pearls with pink roses

For a classic romantic wedding, shades of white and light pink always work the best. You can use pearls and create a necklace shape in the chairs. Add a simple pink or white rose with that and you have yourself the perfect chair décor.

Back in the days, chair decors were probably not that high a priority during wedding preparations. However, times have changed and so are the trends with them. Therefore, keep in mind about the chair decors while planning the wedding decoration budget.

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